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Garage Conversions in Morecombe

For the past years we have been converting garages and car ports, as we are a highly skilled and fully qualified builder of garage conversions in Morceombe you can be assured that we’ll transform your cold and under-utilized garage into a warm and habitable room, potentially increasing the value of your house substantially.

Whatever you want to use the additional space for we will help plan your garage conversion.

Your options are endless, listed below are some ideas to get you started:

  • Living area
  • Bedroom with or without en-suite facilities
  • Rec room
  • Home office/study
  • Kitchen/utility room
  • Dining area
  • Home cinema

Full In House Garage Service

Our comprehensive range of professional building services includes development of design ideas, building plans, Planning Permission and Building Approval applications to all construction, extension, conversion and installation building work. Quotations and site surveys are offered free of charge and without any obligation.

Did you know?

contract for garage conversions in morceombe and start using this wasted area in your homeA regular single garage is roughly 150 ft sq. and that’s too little to fit a family saloon car (and be able to open the doors!) but that’s a lot of additional living area if you convert it as an integral component of your property.

For those with a double garage the perfect solution may lie in what we call a ‘part conversion’ where typically the front or rear of the garage could be retained to house the lawnmower or your bicycle whilst the rest of the garage is converted to a practical room.

For those who have got to the point where you and your family members have outgrown your current home and you need more room then frequently the first thing you will consider is simply moving house.Then you may look at converting your attic or garage or even building a brand-new extension.

The fact remains nevertheless that moving might not be an option and thus ‘typical’ garage conversions in Morecombe that could cost just £10,000 would be the better option.

Increase the value of your home

single or double garage conversions in morecombe tend to increase the value of your homeIt’s important to note at this point that a conversion to a house will almost always increase the value of your home by some level. In the case of garage conversions in Morecombe it is accepted that you can expect an increase of approximately 10% to the overall price of your property.

If you need an extra bedroom why move house and pay all those costs such as stamp duty, solicitor’s fees and removal costs when you can simply convert your garage. For less money than you would imagine you could have an extra bedroom downstairs for a teenager or an older relative and it could even have it’s own en-suite facilities with a shower, sink and toilet.

New Bedroom

The potential for converting the garage room into a new bedroom and bathroom is an elegant solution when growing ages makes running up and down the stairs an issue.

It’s also becoming very popular to convert the room into a granny annex/self contained flat for a teenager or elderly relative.

New kitchen

You could choose to take the opportunity to use the extra room from the garage conversion to install the kitchen that they have always dreamt about. With room to not only cook but to eat and talk whilst looking out to the garden.

We can also supply and fit your new kitchen making sure that your home improvements run efficiently. With typical garage conversions in Morecombe taking only 10 days and a little planning you could have a new kitchen fitted within 3 weeks!

Home office

recently converted garage for use as a home office and play roomWe live in a changing world and with today’s technological innovation some people are taking the opportunity to work at home rather than take on the daily battle of the traffic jam, overdue trains and expensive rail season tickets.

No boss looking over your shoulder, office politics or unpleasant commute can sound like a pipe dream for some but when you are prepared to turn that dream into a reality then you should let us help you with our home office garage conversions in Morecombe.

All the specialists will tell you that if you are working from home then it is crucial that you keep your home and work life separate, and by converting your garage into a purpose built home office you’re able to do just that.

Contact Allied Build

If you’re finding you either require space, or just want a bit more room for entertaining the kids, then garage conversions in Morecambe might be the answer for you. Once carried out the room ties in and looks an original part of your house.

Initial Survey

A free initial survey will be completed on your property taking into account your individual requirements and budget. Allied Build will provide a detailed design plan and written quotation. The design plan provided can be reviewed and amended to accommodate as we aim to deliver the best conversion for your house.